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Building your dream house could be a difficult task especially when you do it for the first time. It is a project with multiple strategic and financial implications and you have to make decisions according to multiple factors.  But we are here to guide you and smooth your path. Hopefully, you have completed your research and determined that element construction is the method which will provide you the best new home that your money can buy. Here is a project sample of a house that we build in Norway.

STEPS TO FOLLOW (our recommendations)


On first stage you have to consider three important aspects: the location you choose to build, the land quality where you want to build, and that the budget matches reality. Is good to get answers to questions like:

  • where do I want to live? (what is the infrastructure, who are the neighbors,  what are the urban development perspectives)
  • do I have access roads, water, electricity?
  • the terrain and soil offer a good foundation?
  • what is the impact on the nature?

Considering these questions, calculate your budget. Required amount could vary based on local building regulations too. Consult the specialists to gather reliable information. Expect to spend more 10% – 20% for any number of reasons that a small contingency fee may be needed.


Decide how the house will be placed on the land considering some constraints related to terrain, cardinal points, access road,  property vicinity, landscape and what you want to see from windows. Your architect will give you the best solution.


Nothing can be done without paperwork. Check the local regulations and find out what approvals are needed to start building. The local authority in construction will help you. In order to get the building permit you have to have the house documentation which includes all the architectural and technical drawings.

Bauindustrie element houses


Now is the right time to contact us too. Download the form and take your time to fill it. This will help us to get the basic information in order to send you a rough estimation of needed budget (click here to fill the form). If you agree, we will set a meeting to give you more info.


Houses are built for long-term use. That’s why it’s a good idea to take into account any changes that may occur in your life, such as children, moving parents under the same roof, etc.

Select the design that would be suitable to your needs. Although you can easily find house plans on the internet, it is preferable to hire an experienced architect to create a plan for you.  You have to consider several factors like : your life style, future plans, architectural style, size and surface, terrace, balcony, basement, garage, annexes, gardening and landscaping, access.

Save energy by choosing carefully the construction materials, as they affect the amount of heat loss in your home. We recommend investing the right amount in insulation that offer the best thermal coefficient. Although initially the larger budget may seem redundant, you will later realize that your energy bills will be considerably lower, so it will pay back your investment in the shortest possible time.

When choosing the heating system, you have to consider the costs of different energy sources and how easy they can be used. Do not forget that the heating system will also affect the technical design of the house. Consider that central heating requires a separate room for the main unit.

Your house is air tight now therefore you need a ventilation system.  Loss of heat through ventilation system could go up to 30% of the total energy loss of the entire building. To conserve energy, it is advisable to consider the idea of installing a heat recovery ventilation system or a complete heat exchanger system.


Do not be worried about construction, we will take care of it. We will provide you the project documentation also . We will archive all plans, partial drawings, authorization, delivery/receipt minutes, bills, invoices in such a way that they can be accessed immediately if needed.


While we are building your house you should think about decorating and moving in your new house and when shall be the house inauguration party. Invite your neighbors to get to know them better and do not forget to tell them that Bauindustrie team built your house.

Client Request. Please fill in the form to get in touch with our team for a free estimation of your project.

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We will send you our estimative price calculation as soon as possible. Feel free to call us too (+372 5802 7687) and ask for details. We will help you create a building guide according to your design needs, site requirements and budget.   Thank you for your inquiry!   Bauindustrie House Factory team